What Tools Do You Need for Diamond Painting?

Engaging in diamond painting requires not just skill and patience, but also a specific set of tools designed to make the process efficient and enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crafter, having the right tools can greatly enhance the experience and the quality of your final artwork. Here’s a breakdown of the essential tools needed for diamond painting and how each one contributes to the craft.

Diamond Applicator Tool

The diamond applicator tool is fundamental for picking up and placing the tiny resin diamonds onto the canvas. Most kits include a standard pen-like applicator that has a hollow end, which is used to pick up diamonds after dipping it into a small wax pad. There are variations of this tool:

  • Single-placer: Allows you to pick up and place one diamond at a time.
  • Multi-placer: Facilitates the placement of multiple diamonds in a row, significantly speeding up the process. Multi-placers can vary in size, commonly allowing for 3, 6, or 9 diamonds to be placed simultaneously.

Wax Pad

The wax pad is crucial as it provides the adhesive that allows the applicator tool to pick up the tiny diamonds. Each diamond painting kit typically comes with a small piece of wax. Users might find themselves needing additional wax, which can usually be purchased separately. The wax is easy to apply; just press the tip of the applicator tool into the wax to enable it to pick up the diamonds.


Tweezers are another essential tool, particularly useful for adjusting misplaced diamonds or for placing diamonds in tight spaces where the applicator tool may be less precise. Some crafters prefer tweezers to the standard applicator for entire projects, especially if they require more control over the placement of each diamond.

Sorting Tray

A sorting tray is vital for organizing the different colored diamonds before application. These trays usually have a grooved surface that helps to flip the diamonds right side up, making them easier to pick up with the applicator tool. Effective sorting trays are key to managing the various colors, especially in complex designs with a high number of hues.

Light Pad

For those looking to enhance their diamond painting experience, a light pad is an invaluable tool. Placing the canvas on a light pad illuminates the project from below, highlighting the symbols and numbers that guide where each color diamond should go. This can be particularly helpful in low-light conditions or for designs with very small or closely printed details.

Canvas, Diamonds, and Adhesive Layer

  • Canvas: The base of your artwork, marked with a color-coded chart to guide diamond placement.
  • Diamonds: These small resin pieces are what bring the canvas to life. They come in various shapes like square or round, and colors, depending on the painting.
  • Adhesive Layer: Pre-applied to the canvas, this sticky surface ensures that diamonds stay in place once they are applied.

Having the right tools in your diamond painting arsenal is essential for both the enjoyment and success of your project. Each tool plays a specific role in making the process smoother and more precise, from the sorting of diamonds to their application on the canvas. Whether you are working on a small piece or a large, detailed design, these tools collectively contribute to creating a stunning and satisfying piece of art.

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