What's the MIT Acceptance Rate?

Very few colleges may hope to match the academic prowess of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the powerhouses of innovation and research in global education. MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, so thousands of applicants will apply to MIT every year, which contributes to it having one of the lowest acceptance rates in the world.

Trend in Acceptance Rates

The most recent admissions cycle MIT had an acceptance rate of 4% making it one of the hardest schools to get into in the country. Compared to previous years, this rate is slightly lower as the university becomes more selective while receiving a higher number of applications. To put that in perspective, MIT had well over 20,000 applicants for its class of entering freshmen and accepted barely 7 percent.

Acceptance Factors

Academic Excellence: Academically, MIT is worlds above most everywhere else. You will have to average in the 1520-1580 range for SAT or 34-36 for ACT as well in admitted students. Your high school GPA is equally if not more important, and most admitted students have averages that are nearly perfect.

Other Portfolios: The MIT admissions office obviously wants well-rounded students who are not only strong in academics but also talented innovators whose ex pare activities show as much. Applicants who are accepted into the program tend to have an extraordinary range of accomplishments in mathematics, science, and engineering as well as significant evidence of their leadership, community service and exciting lifetime interests beyond some areas.

Research and Innovation: An affinity for, and long term experience with research helps a lot. MIT loves applicants that can be a part of their thriving culture of innovation and to show them your love for creating is perfect. Additionally, applicants who have published research or have significant project experience are usually noticed in the admissions funnel.

Impact of Early Action

If you want to lock down your spot, MIT's Early Action program is a common pick. Applicants to Early Action were slightly more successful than Regular Decision admits, signaling a clear edge for applicants who lock in early. But this level remains massively competitive, probably just below around 6-8%.

International Students - Admissions

The acceptance rates are significantly lower for international students as a whole (typically less than 3% in the case of MIT). This further selectivity is indicative of a more difficult applicant pool and increased competition among international applicants. Of course, the global draw of MIT continues - students matriculate from over 150 countries.

What advice do you have for future students?

Prospective MIT students should be the best at school (academically), have leadership experiences, do community service, and work on projects. Generally, standardized test training could be vital; and securing more superior classes or research avenues can help to increase the chances of getting in.


MIT's acceptance rate reflects the university's status as an elite institution to which applicants must measure up. And if you want to learn a lot more about how to join such a rarefied crew of globetrotting students, explore an in depth overview and some tips on whats mit acceptance rate.

Getting into MIT is more than just excellent grades — it includes passion, creativity and persistence. We admitted the highest achieving students we could from the thousands who applied and had the qualities that we thought are indicative of likely success at MIT, far more than would succeed in completing our program.

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